Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue + Belly = BOY!

Ayden Jeremiah will be entering the world very soon! He's due March 13th, but as for now, he has decided to come into this world mooning everyone. He has been breach for a couple weeks now. Mom, Nicole, is going weekly to appointments waiting to hear news of either a baby who has decided to cooperate or to find out that she is being scheduled for a c-section.

Having your first child comes with many nervous moments by itself. Having your first child and learning he's breach and that you are a likely candidate for a c-section is even harder. Nicole is doing great! Supported by her partner, Lori, the two of them are keeping a positive attitude and know that what ever comes their way they will make it through.

Nicole is some one very special in my life. She lived with us for several months, so she feels like family to me, like a daughter. I was there the moment she learned that there was a plus sign on the pregnancy test. I feel like my own daughter is about to have a child. And to see all that she is going through, just worries my heart. I know though, that the Lord will be her strength and her refuge.

We did a couple studio shots first, then hit the hay field for a little rustic look, but landed in Downtown for the final shots. Enjoy and look for delivery and newborn shots of Ayden's big day!


Blue + Belly = Boy


New life





Saturday, February 20, 2010

Danielle "Rose" Garcia

Beautiful.....that was the word of the day! God blessed us with perfect sunshine for a wonderful senior session.

She is known by her family and friends as Danielle, but her classmates call her Rose. She looked amazing! We held her session at various locations around Jacksonville Beach. Rose will be graduating from Seacoast Christian Academy in May, and has hopes of pursuing a career as a paramedic. She is also the captain of the flags team at her high school and is currently working very hard on her spring performance. She enjoys photography as hobby and plans to continue to grow in her creativity. Her family is so proud of her!







Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Ames!!!

Katie and Dixon married at Arlington Baptist Church, in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday, Feb 6th. Katie's curls and cowgirl boots were perfect for the special day; while Dixon sported sweet shades and pin-stripes. The reception location was at the Navy Officer Club at NAS Jax, overlooking the incredible St. John's river. Katie and Dixon spent their honeymoon at Disney!

Dixon and the dudes


New York meets country


Ooooo Bubbles!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jake's graduating!

Watching your own children grow up can seem like such a long and slow process, mainly because you are there for every waking moment. You might notice a growth spurt, because you had to toss out a pair of jeans that are now too short, or a sudden ability to do something that used to be very challenging, but for most part, things happen gradually.

On the other hand, I have the opportunity to watch several other children grow up really fast: my youth group kids, my middle/high school students, and all the kids that claim me as their "adopted mom". It seems like I go a week or a month without seeing one of them and the next thing I know, one is getting married or the next one is having children, and another is graduating from school.

Jake would be one of the kids. I have known he and his family since we first moved to Jacksonville 8 years ago. I have watched him grow from a boy to a young man, so when I look at him and his photographs, it leaves me with that "oh my goodness, you are still 10 in my eyes" kind of feeling.

Jake is graduating from Stanton College Preparatory School this May. He is talented and brillant. I know his family couldn't be more proud.

Congratulations Jake!