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Oh blogging. I should call you ‘Dear Diary’ because I tend to pour my heart and soul out and write a short novel every time we meet. It’s like cleansing to my soul to be able to just sit and write and get all the emotional junk I carry around off my chest. So please forgive me if I tend to ramble, but I promise I have reasoning to my madness.

 Most of you either have followed me on Facebook or have read my blog and are aware of my dear sweet friend Laura. If you are clueless to whom I speak about, please go to this blog entry ( and read about our friendship and watch our video. It would totally help this blog make so much more sense.

 The last time I wrote about my best friend, she had come to me with the sad news that her double mastectomy turned reconstruction surgery had failed. Her body was rejecting her implants and the skin literally was infected and not healing properly. At this point in time, Laura hit a wall of emotions. She had lost her hair again for the third time because of all the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Prior to that and also because of cancer, she had already experienced a full hysterectomy. And now the last bit of hope of still possibly being able to look or feel like a woman was slowly fading away from her. That’s when we had the celebration buzzin’ of my hair! It was the one thing I felt like I could do to help her to not feel like she was alone. However, I still couldn’t give her back any of the things she had lost.

After this Laura began to face more surgeries, more devastating news and even more heart ache and pain. Life just continued to weigh heavily on her. Like she was fighting a fight that could never be won. Each surgery she is warned that she may not wake up. And each surgery she continues to make it through. Recovery after recovery her body continues to try to survive.

At that point, I thought to couldn’t possibly get any worse for Laura.

I spoke too soon.

Laura lost a best friend breast cancer as well which spread to her bones.

Some one she felt was like a little sister. They had this incredible relationship and bond because they shared one thing in common that Laura and I could never have...cancer. And until the night she took her last breath, Laura was there by her side, holding her hand. Through her friend’s life and even her death she was able to show Laura God’s love for her in a whole new perspective. Laura’s life in Christ was reborn and made new.


 Laura is worn.

 Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

Last November, Laura and I went to a Tenth Avenue North ( concert. As soon as we heard they were coming to Jacksonville, we knew we were getting tickets and we were going. We both had their new CD downloaded on our iTunes and ran it into the ground. I remember one night, I was up late editing a session and I get this text from Laura about this song. She told me that she felt like this song is speaking about her. I listened to it and was blown away at the power of the lyrics.

The night of the concert came. Many different songs were played and we waited patiently on just this one. The lead singer walks into the crowd of people and was preaching straight out of the book of James. I had goose bumps by the way God used him and how he just spoke God’s Word with such boldness. He stopped right in front of Laura and began to speak about trials and struggles. He prayed with her, returned to the stage and then began this song. She and I immediately began to hug and cry and worship.

It was one of the most incredible spiritual moments I have ever encountered in my entire life. To weep and beg and plead to God for a miracle, in the middle of this huge crowd, belting these worshipful song lyrics with my best friend laying in my arms. When two or more are gathered...Jesus says..THERE I AM!!!

A couple days later we decided that we were going to make this video to the song Worn to help Laura tell her story. We wanted to be able to reach out to those that may have cancer or even to anyone that might be going through a very hard time. Life circumstances are not always what we would chose. Cancer is not easy. It can be very hard, lonely, and painful. Not every moment is full of praise and healing.

For almost four years now I have watched my best friend be banged up and beaten by cancer. Yes, I know she is a super unique case to the entire cancer world. She has experienced so much more than one person should. I grieve for her when people come and go from her life, leaving her side when she needs it the most. I have heard her cries for relief and for healing and how she just wished this would all go away. Words can never explain the conversations we have had through text messages about finding joy and peace in this struggle.

Cancer has taken so much from her, but it has not taken our friendship. It has not taken her love for her children and her husband. And it will not take away her hope and faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Yesterday she texted me and wrote, “The true freedom of Christ comes from the moment you realize you have nothing to prove to anyone, because in Christ, God fully approves you.”

Laura is the strongest and most generous person I have ever met. Even in this time of suffering she wants others to know that they are not alone. She says to me all the time how she hopes and prays that no one ever has to endure anything like she has. Her love for her children amazes me. Her devotion to her marriage and family leaves me speechless.

My hope is that you will watch this video and say pray for my best friend and share it with someone who may need encouragement right now. I pray that you will understand that in Christ alone is the only place to put your hope and trust in. None of our time here on earth is guaranteed.

Our friendship has taught me to live my life to the fullest. To genuinely and passionately love my husband with every ounce of my being. To laugh and be silly and do all the small things in life with my children. Never leaving this world with a single regret. And to never forget to say I love you to my best sister that God gave me... every single time I text, talk, or see her.

Our friendship. For better or worse. In sickness and in health. Till death do we part.

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