Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heart Gallery of Jacksonville, Florida

Great news! One of the kids I have photograhed has been placed with a family! Praise God! This has been an amazing experience for me. Getting to know young people who are in foster care and having the privilege to photograph them in a way that portrays their personalities and reflects who the individual is on the inside. I now have had the privilege to photograph 5 children, however, I have two more planned for the month of September and several more coming our way. Our governor, Charlie Crist, just did a huge unveiling of the state's largest Heart Gallery in Tallahasee, Florida. Jacksonville was named the largest Heart Gallery in all of Florida with over 500 children photographed. If you are looking for more information on the Heart Gallery or would like to learn about how you can adopt a child that is in foster care please see their website at Check back later on for more photos of new children needing families to love them!

HEART Gallery


Alexis (Has been placed with a family!)

Mikal- Govenor's Choice of Photos at the Big Heart Gallery Event in September!


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