Saturday, November 1, 2008

Florida vs Georgia Game

WOW... I am speechless! I just spent the entire day tailgating at the Florida vs Georgia college football game in Jacksonville, Florida. My job was to find interesting stories of people tailgating. Seems pretty easy, right? Well.... it was day I will never forget! I have never been to one of these games before and was really excited to be taking on the assignment. Me and two other staff members started the day at 10:00am, but only to find ourselves stuck in traffic. We missed our parking lot that my friend was saving us a FREE parking spot in! It took us an hour to get back to the parking lot. So we actually didn't begin our adventure until 11:30. We walked from WJCT parking lot, through R.V. city, down the entire back side of the stadium, clear down to the Jacksonville Landing, and back. We walked for close to 6 hours looking for amazing stories to write about. I did manage to be standing in the best spot possible when the Gator's quaterback, Tim Tebow, came off the team bus. We managed to get free lunch and dinner along with free drinks, peanuts, and chips. I came to the conclusion that you could come to this game and not spend a single dime all day if you wanted to. People were extremely generous with their food and drinks, even their TVs on their RVs. I had an awesome day!
Tim Tebow

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