Monday, December 30, 2013

Jeremy and Brittany Pombier ::: WEDDING 11.17.13

When I was counting down the days to have Grayson, I was also counting down the days of recovery before I would shoot Brittany and Jeremy Pombier's wedding day. Literally 9 days after having him was their wedding day. Brittany and Jeremy planned the perfect intimate beach resort wedding. Unfortunately the wind and the rains pushed their ceremony to be held under their reception tent, but that didn't stop us from still getting some amazing images just for before sunset. We had such a great time playing in the photo booth and dancing to live music at the reception. Congratulations Brittany and Jeremy!  (Sneak Peek of their wedding day and what their engagement session was like too!)

On a side note-

I don't think second shooters and photography assistants get enough credit for their help and assistance. I feel that main photographers feel intimidated; therefore, they fail to give credit when it truly due. I am giving a huge shout out to my incredibly awesome second shooter and assistant for the day Julie Worthy with Julie Worthy Photography. I shot this wedding a week after having my 7th child as well as female surgery the day after. First I could not drive. I had stitches in my stomach and an episiotomy and was taking pain medication so I was not allowed to drive. This woman drove me to and from the wedding so I could work. Second, I was still breastfeeding, so I had to pump in my van and store it in the lunchbox I brought. Because of this she bought me and packed snacks and water bottles to make sure I was nourished and had strength for the day.  When I look back at these images, I am so thankful for the one who held my light stand when the wind was blowing insanely on the beach or when she loaded and unloaded our golf cart with gear and equipment a dozen times because I wasn't supposed to lift over 10 pounds and we had to rush quickly to get shots before the sun was gone. I am thankful for the one who went up and down the stairs a 100 times to run back to the hotel room to get a missing piece to our pictures. I am thankful she reminded me and encouraged me to take it easy because my body was still healing. Thank you Julie for being my rock on Jeremy and Brittany's wedding day!

Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast Florida
Florist/Decor: Connie Parrish
Live Music: Ben Carter
Wedding Cake: Simply Delicious
Hair/Make-Up Debra Dickinson

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